Вы знакомы с популярным мемом “Are ya winning son?”? Пришло время адаптировать шутку под русскую аудиторию. Если вы знакомы с неловкими ситуациями и трендами русского Youtube, то внутри вас что-то ёкнет. Юмор просто песня!!!

Each of us is asked a pack of questions every day, so why not single out one that is special and come up with an answer? For this, the following heading “People often ask me?” Is intended.

People Often Ask Me? (created by Vic Brighten)

I will not rant for a long time, let’s move on to the question of the day.

Почему люди недолюбливают рекламу? Потому что она надоедливая и прилипчивая, да и ещё появляется в самый неподходящий момент. А вы видели эту глупую рекламу, кто вообще придумывает эти сценарии, для кого её снимают?

Очень много вопросов и претензий, но почему бы не придумать отдельную рубрику для рекламы, которая будет краткой, креативной и интересной? Действительно, давайте попробуем, прошу любить и жаловать “Алфавит через интегрированную рекламу”!

Рубрика “Алфавит через интегрированную рекламу” (created by Vic Brighten)

Зачем кому-то нужна эта рубрика? Почему люди должны открывать какую-то рекламу по собственной воле? Не буду говорить, что это что-то уникальное и неповторимое (но доля правды в этом присутствует), просто это не проплаченная или сделанная на…

Aren’t you tired of constantly putting things on the back burner? It seems that you are not a lazy person, but all the time you do not have time or do not want to do what you have been planning for a long time. I would just start, and then it will go by itself.

We all face this problem, almost every day. Someone is looking for an article on the Internet that will help, enroll in courses, visit a psychologist, but cannot finally say goodbye to an old friend.

So what is the secret of success? Is there a…

Everyone is familiar with the cinematic classic Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray experiences one day for ages. How many similar films have been released, each of which has failed to achieve the success of the original.

So what is the beauty of sowing embarrassment? One of the biggest advantages is to upgrade your abilities, but you shouldn’t start any long-term project (you won’t have time to build a rocket). Another plus is to rethink your life, try different variations of the development of events, and decide on a business that you will not get tired of even after a million…

The law banning swearing on social networks officially came into force today. Its essence is quite simple if a person has spoken obscenely in front of everyone, then the owners of the social network must respond and remove this content, otherwise, they may face legal proceedings. The law says that it is forbidden to swear on certain topics, but we all remember the same Twitch and bans for any reason, so you can expect anything you want.

So how can it be, can turn to the origins and ask the question: “What kind of devil is going on or what…

How is it that the weekend is a little weird? You do not have the feeling that these two days are accompanied by a kind of depression, as if we are in a submarine and are constantly shaking us. This does not apply to the state after Happy Friday, hangovers, and headaches after such parties are not questionable.

Many in the sleep research community hold the theory that it is necessary to follow a schedule that covers the hours from 10 pm to 3 am, as this is the most productive time to sleep. There are also several books in…

Have you ever wondered why problems don’t have problems? Where’s the justice? If problems had their own problems, then they would not have time to be our problems. Yes, those are still selfish.

So what about the problems? Decide and forget? But they are like distant relatives who appear when you don’t expect them at all and have already forgotten about them.

So, it turns out that there are no problems, although a reasonable person would say that then we would have double problems and we had to solve them ourselves. Yes, this is no good, it would be better…

The first month after the new year, but almost always it takes a little more time to get used to the new number on the calendar. But for some reason, the feeling does not leave that this year is different from others and 2020 is trying to hold on and does not let go. What to do?

Good question, everyone who lives today calls 2020 one of the worst in the new century, if not the worst, so many losses, but all the hype caused by it and predicting it in the first place is directly related to the development…

Do you have an important meeting, date, wedding or other significant event and you decided to wear a suit? If you have opened this article, then you have probably made the decision to choose a tie, not a bow tie. Well, let’s figure out how to be in this difficult situation.

Are you ready? Exactly? Maybe ask your soul mate? No, okay, it’s your decision, may the force and patience be with you!

We take a long tip in the left hand, a short in the right hand. Keep your left hand a little ahead. Now we bend the left…

Vic Brighten

I thought about it for a long time, I don't care what others think. I am Vic Brighten, 22 years old musician who like to draw cartoons and it's my story

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