How to open a coffin or what to do if you were buried alive? (Paintist’s Diaries, January 17, 2021)

All the same childhood they said: “Do not sleep in a coffin, will they bury it alive?”, Or am I the only one? Strange, but about not having to play with the dead or hide in the morgue? It wasn’t either, okay, you don’t die of boredom.
So what if you still passed out and were buried alive? It is unlikely that the hole will be too deep, so the first thing, as soon as you wake up, try to calm down. I understand this is not an easy task, but you need to conserve oxygen. Once your breathing is normal, check your pockets to see if your smartphone is still with you. But do not waste time on social networks, do not change your status to “Boredom”, put it all aside for later. Try calling friends or family, preferably those who won’t pass out from an unexpected call.

We all understand that this is life, not a movie, so it’s better not to count on such luck. Since we still have enough air, it means that we were buried relatively recently, which means we still have a chance to break through the coffin and get out.

In general, in our time, such situations are unlikely, and the coffins are made very strong so that the earth cannot push them, but still, we will rely on our strength and will continue.

Start making a hole in the middle of the coffin, rake all the incoming earth at your feet, then try to sit down (preferably, wrap your face in a T-shirt or shirt). Tamp the ground, but keep in mind that you can push your head and upper body into this hole.

Burst like a worm into the light until your nose picks up the fresh air. After that, try to scream, if no one hears, continue your wriggling, as soon as your hands stick out, it will become much easier.

That’s all, hope that the coffin is not metal, otherwise, you will just have to hammer on the lid, but hardly anyone will hear.

Paintist’s Diaries by Vic Brighten (January 17, 2021)

Keep in mind that these are the Paintist’s Diaries, so we’ll end with the appropriate drawing.

I thought about it for a long time, I don't care what others think. I am Vic Brighten, 22 years old musician who like to draw cartoons and it's my story