I want to live forever or why is it impossible? (Paintist’s Diaries, January 18, 2021)

Have you lived a certain part of your life and started wondering about death? Are you afraid that the afterlife could be monotonous and gloomy? Do you want to play it safe and live forever?

Why not? But you are sure that you need such a life. Many films that touched on this topic showed the negative sides of sowing desire, but given the fact that this is still a movie and not real life, everything is much worse. Imagine that you are over 100 years old, your body is not strong enough to lift something heavier than a couple of kilograms, the body does not digest heavy food, you walk (if you can still walk) like a turtle, your vision decreases every day, and much more. In addition to physical deviations, do not forget about moral ones. It is unlikely that your close relatives will also live forever, and we all understand how hard it is to lose a loved one, not to mention children. It is unlikely that your nervous system will easily survive all this. Still, want to live forever?

If you said yes, then let’s think about whether it is possible to cheat death. So far, the most realistic way is Elon Musk’s technology, which is currently under development. Perhaps someday it will be possible to transfer your brain (copy your personality) into the program code, thereby creating artificial intelligence, which will be a set of the basic elements of your personality. But are you sure that it will be you? Remember the clone movies? Emotions that you do not experience, but simply understand what you should experience at a certain moment, your thoughts, everything will work according to a certain concept.

What is the alternative? Maybe cryonics? I have an acquaintance who dumped a lot of money to freeze his head after death. Friends told him that Futurama is fiction, but he continues to believe that it is true. What do you think, is it worth freezing yourself for several decades in the hope that a cure for death will appear in the future?

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Paintist’s Diaries by Vic Brighten (January 18, 2021)

That’s all, live as long as you want, but feel when the right time to stop!

I thought about it for a long time, I don't care what others think. I am Vic Brighten, 22 years old musician who like to draw cartoons and it's my story