Paintist’s Diaries (January 10, 2021)

Welcome to Depressland…

Where does this story begin? A long time ago, in the galaxy close to us, more precisely, in the very one in which we live, the very event that we are afraid of for 10 days takes place. What for? Such is life, after so many days of freedom from responsibilities, you have to begin to plunge into the abyss of everyday work.

This is how the story begins, this is the answer to the question. But when does this story end? Each person is different. New Year is a new chapter. It turns out that our battles, which take place every day, are just simulated stories, invented by us out of desperation, and any creative idea is an attempt to avoid banality in our life. So many pseudo abstruse words, but for what? In order to write more and fix everyone’s attention while reading this article. But what is the price?

And the price is very simple. A bunch of commas, banal thoughts and a ticket to the Depressland — a place where any day seems such that you want to tie yourself to a horse and make it run into the sunset. And here you lie with your eyes closed, waiting for your head to hit the stone, but nothing happens. You open your eyes and realize that you forgot to tie yourself to the horse, get up from the ground, dust yourself off, see the dust from the stallion in the distance, take a deep breath and say: “F@#*!”

Welcome to Depressland! (Screen Caption)

Paintist’s Diaries by Vic Brighten (January 10, 2021)

Until next time and remember, the doors of Depressland are always open!

I thought about it for a long time, I don't care what others think. I am Vic Brighten, 22 years old musician who like to draw cartoons and it's my story